About Us



The price of all our Bengal kittens includes:

· TICA registration certificate

· Neuter/Spay Surgery -All Pet Kittens are altered before leaving.

· Exams by a professional veterinarian 

· All necessary vaccines- (At Least two)

· De-wormed 

· Microchip 

· 2-year Congenital Health Guarantee includes covering the HCM!

· Socialized 

· Litterbox trained 

· Lifetime Breeder Support

· A kitten filled with love ♥

You will also receive our “Kitten Carrying Care Kit”  This Includes:

· Pet Travel Carrier Soft Sided Portable Bag·

· Toys 

· Brush

· Nail Clipper 

· Sample of  food your Kitten is on  

The prices of our Bengal cats and kittens vary according to the color, markings and quality regarding the standards of the breed.


Bengal Kitten Price Brown Rosetted: $1400-$1800+


Bengal Kitten Price- Snow/Silver/Charcoal: $1900-$2100+

 Retired Adult Bengal Cat price: $600-$900+


For Serious and Established Breeders Only: $3000-$4500

(Health tests  are done on all breeders before leaving from Optimal Selection)   

This includes PK Def and PRA and...

·  Results for over 40 genetic diseases, reported in terms of known relevance to the specific breed evaluated.

· Testing for 20+ traits including blood type, coat colors, coat types, and morphology.

· Genetic diversity information for the tested cat, the overall breed population, and related breed groups. 



 Reservation Deposit

To reserve your dream kitten, a deposit of $300 is required. ($600 for Breeder) This amount will be deducted from the price of your Bengal cat.  We begin accepting the 1st 1-2 deposits on 1st picks about 2 weeks before the Queen is due and then the then once kittens are 1-2 weeks old we start accepting the rest depending on how many kittens are born. Priority is given to those on the wait list in order. Deposits are not refundable. 

Wait List

Being on the Waiting list gives you priority to see our available kittens first and when your turn comes, you are first to choose before anyone else. To be part of this list, we ask  you to fill out the kitten application. 



 We can fly in cabin with your Kitten and meet you at the nearest airport to you.  cost of a round trip plane ticket. Ask for information if you need your kitten flown to you!  Cost is $400-$600 for shipping anywhere in the United States.